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In the summer of 1997 in the heart of Los Angeles on a boarder of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, a group of people met. A businessman, designer, video engineer, network engineer, animator, programmer and a musician have decided to create a company. A unique service for people to transform dreams into reality.


We are Professional Promotional Consulting Firm - Nowadays of the cutting age technologies and competition more often require creative innovations and design concepts. Our staff lists best designers, developers, engineers and programmers. Constantly expanding our services and combining the progress with new ideas, we are looking forward to being your partner in the industry of promotion. 





Welcome to


As a founder of this company and  I would like to thank You for considering


Since the first day of our operation we've maintained as a all in one  - reliable and affordable source for any custom promotional needs. 


Today I would like to assure you that our highly trained team of professionals will be fully qualified to assist you with any of your questions. If for any reason you are not complete satisfied please contact me direct . I want to personally make sure that each of our valued clients receives the highest level of customer service possible. My personal involvement is a guarantee.



Looking forward to our collaboration!


Adriane Flynn

Head of Marketing



I'm Andrien & i'm here to help you with all your marketing needs! :)"

Sara Fischer

Head of Promotion

"Hi there - this is Sara!


Hard Promotions as what we do! Should you have any questions - please do not hesitate to ask me!"

Tom Portman

Head of Sales

"As a head of Sales Department - i understand that our mission is to make sure all clients receive best services and completely satisfied."


Tom Portman


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Tel: ‪(424) 781-4787‬

Hard Promo LLC

9903 Santa Monica Blvd. #555

Beverly Hills CA 90212



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